100 word challenge(again)

100 word challenge
“She just wouldn’t stop crying”
I was so excited, I was babysitting my cousin for the first time! When she arrived she seemed happy, until her mum left and then she just wouldn’t stop crying! I put her favourite television show on, but that didn’t work so I baked a cake and that didn’t work either! I tried everything I danced, I sung, I cartwheeled, I played games with her but nothing seemed to work! I took her to the park and I put her on the swing, and pushed her high in the sky and at last she laughed and stopped crying! Yes finally!!!!!!

Hope you liked my story.



For home work we had to do a reflection and post it on our blog.Here is mine.

Over the past two weeks we have been learning a lot about refugees and asylum seekers. We have been reading a lot of books that have been very sad. I especially like the book that Anh Do wrote. It was a book about how Anh Do and his family come to Australia from Vietnam. It is an amazing story. I think this unit is going to be a good one. Refugees go into detention centre when they arrive. I think that is not acceptable

Thanks bye

The Weird Sounds Poem By Emilie And Katrina

I made this Poem with my Friend Katrina. You should check out her blog. Here is a link


We are learning Onomatopoeia poems

Woosh Woosh  a gust of wind flew right past me

Creak Creak someone walked in

Crash Crash something broke

Whisper Whisper I heard a sound

Drip Drip the tap turned on

Screech Screech someone’s runner skidded

Flick Flick the lights started flickering

Clitter Clatter my brother walked in my room

Sorry Sorry I fell down the stairs

Hope you like the poem

Bye Emilie out

A Place To Call Home…

Our inquiry unit is called A Place To Call Home. It is all about how refuges and asylum seekers come to different country’s to get away from really bad things like war, violence or arguments.

These are 5 thing I want to find out.

*How do they cope with all the coldness of  the sea?

*What is the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee

*Do asylum seekers get put in detention centres?

* What happens when they run out of food and water.

*If they have money to build detention centres why don’t they build houses instead?

Thanks Emilie

“All Aboard!” Review

The stars were certainly shining at the Besen Centre in Burwood! I had the pleasure of being a part of the St Scholastica’s Primary School concert on Wednesday the 7th of October at 7.00pm.

The title of the concert was “All Aboard!” The actors were taking the audience on a journey around the world. It was amazing how they all really engaged with the audience by looking and giving faces like they were supposed to respond. My stand out performances were definitely the teachers and the two children, Susan and Edward that played the Chinese instruments were amazing. I loved how it was broken up into well-known songs, such as New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. The acting parts really fitted in as well. The concert went for the right amount of time. Not too long and not too short.

The costumes were amazing I especially liked the Walk like an Egyptian one which was made by one of the mums. How clever.

The audience was mainly a mix of parents and grandparents, they seemed to enjoy themselves because of all the clapping and laughing!

I really enjoyed the concert and would recommend it to all young families. It is a shame we will have to wait another 2 years for the next one. At the next concert I will get the experience of sitting in audience.

Reported by Emilie Rush 5/6S


Natural Disasters

We got a choice of our inquiry topic this term. The 5/6 teachers teamed up and are doing Natural Disasters. 3/4RT are doing Solar System and 3/4M are doing Animal Adaptation. I picked Natural Disasters. I am going to be working on tsunamis for my project. This project is an individual project. I am so exited to work on this because I have never worked on it before. Here is a Video of a Tsunami.


This has been one off the most amazing things in my life. Today is my second day out of four days, here in DISNEYLAND. Some of the rides I have been on are, Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is a water ride. You sit in a log.It has big drops and small drops. I was really fun! I went on it TWICE. I also went on Space Mountain. This was a roller coaster in pitch black. We also went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds. This ride was one of the original rides from 60 years ago. I will try and post some photos later, but now I am going for a makeover at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique!





San Francisco

Its 9.30am in the morning, we have had a delicious breakfast at the hotel are about to go for a swim.  The weather has been amazing it has been 76 degrees Fahrenheit which is 26 degrees Celsius. We have done heaps of fun things, we visited the Alcatraz prison and went inside the cells, we visited the Golden Gate Bridge and had a ride on the cable cars. We have visited the Disney store too which is so big! We went on the Seward street slides and visited the worlds most crooked street – Lombard street. I have attached a photo of Lombard street, me at the Golden Gate Bridge and also on a cable car. See you soon!

Lombard Street Golden Gate BridgeCable car



I hope you really like that Photo Peach you can use it here


I had an amazing time at camp. When we first got there we had lunch. Then we settled into our rooms and laid out our sleeping bag. Then we started to unpack( that sort of got messy) We did night walks and the food was the best. My favorite activity was The Giant Swing.