ANZAC Day Reflection

On the 25th of April 1915, the Australians, Americans and the New Zealand’s landed in Gallipoli to fight. On the 25th of April 2015 is the 100th year since the war started. At our school we commemorated the ANZAC’s and remembered all the soldiers that died. We had a mass about it. There was an amazing display with a lot of photos and things that was maybe used in war. My granddad has a bugle that was used in 1916 but not in Gallipoli, in France. Anna Burke our local MP came to give us a new flag because our old one was ripped. I went to a dawn service in Glen Waverley. Me and my mum had to get up really early. Then I went to have a lovely breakfast. I hope you had a great ANZAC day. Bye.



On the 18th of July 2015 , I am going to America. Firstly I am flying to New Zealand for a minute to catch our next plane to San Francisco. We stay there for four days. Then we drive to LA and stay there for a couple of days and then go to Disneyland for three days. After Disneyland we fly to Texas and meet one of my mums friends and stay there for a week. What has been your best holidays?


Easter Morning

I had a great Easter. In the morning me and my brother woke up really early, but my mum would not let us get our eggs because it was to early. When we were allowed to wake up I stepped on an egg because I didn’t know the eggs were inside. I got a lot of eggs including an Easter basket and a big crunchy Easter bunny. I had a great Easter morning with my family. I hope you had a great Easter to.