My Museum Weekend

On Sunday I went to the museum. I took some photos that I will show you at the end. I looked at a lot of things.My favorite thing was definitely the dinosaurs.We also went on the forest walk there and that was pretty cool.Some of you might of heard of Phar Lap.He was a famous race horse, but when he went to America to race someone poisoned him. We also went into the under the sea part and saw a giant squid. It was amazing. We went into the mind and body section and we looked through holes and saw dreams. One of the dreams was someone falling off a building. I loved the museum! Have you ever been to the museum.

Emilie:)photo 2

100 word challenge/Homework

“Come on Mum” screamed Jack, “Dad and Emi are already near the top!” The Rush Family were taking a big challenge, they were climbing MOUNT EVEREST! They were waiting for their mum because she had to look on TWITTER!!! Simon, Emilie and Jack were shivering at the top because their mum was so slow. Finally their mum caught up. “Would anyone like a sandwich?” she asked. They wanted one fifteen minutes ago! “Let’s go sit on that rock” suggested Jack. They went to sit down and all at once they fell over, squashing the sandwiches. Lucky they like squashed sandwiches!