This has been one off the most amazing things in my life. Today is my second day out of four days, here in DISNEYLAND. Some of the rides I have been on are, Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is a water ride. You sit in a log.It has big drops and small drops. I was really fun! I went on it TWICE. I also went on Space Mountain. This was a roller coaster in pitch black. We also went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds. This ride was one of the original rides from 60 years ago. I will try and post some photos later, but now I am going for a makeover at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique!





San Francisco

Its 9.30am in the morning, we have had a delicious breakfast at the hotel are about to go for a swim.  The weather has been amazing it has been 76 degrees Fahrenheit which is 26 degrees Celsius. We have done heaps of fun things, we visited the Alcatraz prison and went inside the cells, we visited the Golden Gate Bridge and had a ride on the cable cars. We have visited the Disney store too which is so big! We went on the Seward street slides and visited the worlds most crooked street – Lombard street. I have attached a photo of Lombard street, me at the Golden Gate Bridge and also on a cable car. See you soon!

Lombard Street Golden Gate BridgeCable car



I hope you really like that Photo Peach you can use it here


I had an amazing time at camp. When we first got there we had lunch. Then we settled into our rooms and laid out our sleeping bag. Then we started to unpack( that sort of got messy) We did night walks and the food was the best. My favorite activity was The Giant Swing.