San Francisco

Its 9.30am in the morning, we have had a delicious breakfast at the hotel are about to go for a swim.  The weather has been amazing it has been 76 degrees Fahrenheit which is 26 degrees Celsius. We have done heaps of fun things, we visited the Alcatraz prison and went inside the cells, we visited the Golden Gate Bridge and had a ride on the cable cars. We have visited the Disney store too which is so big! We went on the Seward street slides and visited the worlds most crooked street – Lombard street. I have attached a photo of Lombard street, me at the Golden Gate Bridge and also on a cable car. See you soon!

Lombard Street Golden Gate BridgeCable car


6 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. What a wonderful holiday you are all having Emi!
    Wish we were there too! The photos were lovely.
    Keep enjoying!
    ❤️ Nanny & Grandad

  2. Hi Emilie
    My name is Jiya and I live in New Zealand
    I also just went to San Francisco myself, it’s a really nice place isn’t it.
    Did you go to Alcatraz, if you did did you like it. How long are you staying there, I stayed there for 5 days.

    Nice blog

  3. Hey Emi,
    It’s Mia I hope you are having a really nice time me and Katrina miss you I love you blog and please do a post of every state you visit please. I love your blog keep going.

  4. Hi Emilie,
    It seems like you are having fun there, I wish I went because all i’m doing currently is work, work and more work so it’s not ideal for me. I hope your having a great time and are having fun because I’m not.
    From Liam.

  5. hi Emilie

    looks like you are having fun, you know I went to America and we were going to go to san Francisco for a short visit but we didn’t get to.
    From Michael

  6. Hi Emilie,
    I hope your holiday has been fun! I have always wished to go to America! And Disneyland, hope to see you at school with stuff to share about!
    From Bianka

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