This has been one off the most amazing things in my life. Today is my second day out of four days, here in DISNEYLAND. Some of the rides I have been on are, Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is a water ride. You sit in a log.It has big drops and small drops. I was really fun! I went on it TWICE. I also went on Space Mountain. This was a roller coaster in pitch black. We also went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds. This ride was one of the original rides from 60 years ago. I will try and post some photos later, but now I am going for a makeover at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique!





7 thoughts on “DISNEYLAND

  1. Hi Emi,
    The rides sound amazing, but too scarey for us!!
    Keep enjoying Disneyland – you will always have wonderful memories, of your holiday there.
    We are missing you all,
    ❤️ Nanny & Grandad

  2. Hi Emilie
    I love this blog put a photo of your makeover I cant wait to see it.Enjoy your holiday and cant wait for you to come back.
    from Jazzy w

  3. Hi Emi!
    I just read about your trip to DisneyLand. Sounds like you had fun.Your hair was so pretty. Reading what you wrote about Disney Land makes me really want to go. I recognized The Golden Gate Bridge and your pretty green dress in the pictures.
    I miss you a lot.
    Your American friend forever,

    • Hi Meghan! I miss you so much too! We had the best time ever together. hopefully we can facetime or skype soon. Emi xxx

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