My Museum Weekend

On Sunday I went to the museum. I took some photos that I will show you at the end. I looked at a lot of things.My favorite thing was definitely the dinosaurs.We also went on the forest walk there and that was pretty cool.Some of you might of heard of Phar Lap.He was a famous race horse, but when he went to America to race someone poisoned him. We also went into the under the sea part and saw a giant squid. It was amazing. We went into the mind and body section and we looked through holes and saw dreams. One of the dreams was someone falling off a building. I loved the museum! Have you ever been to the museum.

Emilie:)photo 2

100 word challenge/Homework

‚ÄúCome on Mum‚ÄĚ screamed Jack, ‚ÄúDad and Emi are already near the top!‚ÄĚ The Rush Family were taking a big challenge, they were climbing MOUNT EVEREST! They were waiting for their mum because she had to look on TWITTER!!! Simon, Emilie and Jack were shivering at the top because their mum was so slow. Finally their mum caught up. ‚ÄúWould anyone like a sandwich?‚ÄĚ she asked. They wanted one fifteen minutes ago! ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs go sit on that rock‚ÄĚ suggested Jack. They went to sit down and all at once they fell over, squashing the sandwiches. Lucky they like squashed sandwiches!

My Day

My day yesterday was super hard. Firstly I had cross country. I had to run 2 kilometres. I came 73rd, but I stil feel really proud of what I did. When I finished the race and got my ticket I burst into tears to let all the adrenalin and emotion out of me. I was crying for like 10 minutes, but I finally stopped and calmed down. That was a hard 3 hours sitting in the sun and running. Mrs Smith made me feel much better. I also went on a half hour walk with my dog after school. Then at 6.00pm I went to gymnastics for two hours!!!!!!!!!!!! I slept very well after that day.


100 Word Challenge

We had to write a story with exactly 100 words not one more not one less. I did it with my friend Katrina. It was really hard.

Emilie and Katrina were at Luna Park having the best day of their life. They were amazingly scared of the rides. They nearly went on every single ride. The most fantastic ride was the amazing Scenic Railway. The day was beautiful, the sky was clear, the day was going so well. They were so hungry so they decided to go out to lunch. As they turned the corner lightning and thunder struck. Emilie and Katrina got so soaked they that they couldn’t run. The roads were flooding, it was intense. Hail was falling hard.

Where did this weather come from?

This Week

This week of my life has been pretty good. It was Mothers Day yesterday and my mum said the presents that we got her were AMAZING!!!!!! We went to my nanas house for Mothers Day lunch. We got there at 1.00 pm and ate at 3.00pm. We had steak for lunch and cheese cake for dessert. YUM . I hope you had an amazing Mothers Day?

Circle time/Learning Goals

At school in the morning on Mondays we set a goal for the week. My goal is to hold my pen the right way. I also did it last week but I completely forgot about it. On Fridays in the same week we come together and tell everyone how we went. It is like a short term goal. I really enjoy circle time it is a good way to set a goal. Your goal might help you in the future. What would be your goal if you did circle time? I hope you achieve your goal.


ANZAC Day Reflection

On the 25th of April 1915, the Australians, Americans and the New Zealand’s landed in Gallipoli to fight. On the 25th of¬†April 2015 is the 100th year since the war started.¬†At our school we¬†commemorated the ANZAC’s and remembered all the soldiers that died. We had a¬†mass about it.¬†There was an amazing display with a¬†lot of photos and things that was maybe used in war. My granddad has a bugle that was used in 1916 but not¬†in Gallipoli, in France. Anna Burke our local MP came to give¬†us a new flag because¬†our old one was ripped. I went to a dawn service in Glen Waverley. Me and my mum had to get up really early. Then I went to have a lovely breakfast.¬†I hope you had a great ANZAC day. Bye.



On the 18th of July 2015 , I am going to America. Firstly I am flying to New Zealand for a minute to catch our next plane to San Francisco. We stay there for four days. Then we drive to LA and stay there for a couple of days and then go to Disneyland for three days. After Disneyland we fly to Texas and meet one of my mums friends and stay there for a week. What has been your best holidays?